Panty Thieving Brother’s Payback Femboy Training

We continue with my loser brothers pathetic Femboy training as I get him dressed like the faggot sissy slutty bitch he acts like and must desire to be. I giggled at how pathetic and he stood in a short skirt and panties, makeup smeared across his face like some cheap whore’s. His chest barely filled out the lacy bra he wore, and those high-heeled shoes were just begging for someone to trip over them.  We had a party to attend next door and I had every intention of bringing my new sissy sister slave on over to embarass the heck of of the skanky little sissy cocksucking whore.

I had bigger plans for him once we got next door.  Sissy slut faggot over here (aka brother) had been stealing my panties for years. This was about to be payback for the pathetic small cock faggot.

I wasted no time when we got next door to expose his sissy ass to the neighborhood.  “Oh look everyone,” I said loudly enough for everyone to hear, “it seems we have a little sissy boy on our hands.” My voice dripped with contempt as I approached him slowly, savoring the moment of exposure. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“This is what happens when you try to play games with me you pathetic worthless cocksucking silly slut whore,”

I growled into his ear before slapping him hard across the face – leaving a bright red handprint on that pretty little makeup-covered cheek of his.

Femboy training

“Look at this pathetic excuse fora man,” I spat out, kicking him hard in the side. “You think you can please a woman with that tiny little cock of yours? You’re nothing but a worthless piece of ass.”

The crowd around us erupted into laughter at my words, and it only fueled my fire more. “This is what happens when you try to be something you’re not,” I continued, grabbing one of the dildos from my purse and shoving it roughly into his mouth.

“Now suck on this and maybe someday you’ll learn your place.”

As he began bobbing his head up and down on the fake cock like some obedient slut, I couldn’t help but feel satisfied – not because of him or what he was doing but because everyone else saw him for who he truly was now: just another sissy boy under my control. And as long as they remained under me…they would never escape their fate either.

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