BBC Sissy Trainer Meadow Let’s You Earn BBC’s Creamy Load

A good BBC sissy trainer gives you the proper motivation. I think that a thick black cock squeezed between these massive dommy tits. This big dick is going to fuck your mistress’ tiddies. If you want to watch, then you’re going to slob all over that meaty black dick. A worthless little sissy like you should always be on your knees in front of a massive dong like this. His BBC makes your worthless white cock look pathetic. Such a pathetic dicklet isn’t even worth my attention. That’s why he’s allowed to be between my tits and your worthless sissy clitty is in a cute pink cage and lacy sissy panties.

bbc sissy trainer

BBC Sissy Trainer Makes You Beg For Black Dick

Come on you worthless sissy piggy. Shove your face into these tits and lube up his cock. You’re a good little cock sucker. That means you’ve earned the chance to watch that black dick fuck me. I’m going to set a very good example for a sissy like you. When you see a thick black dick like this, you are to use every sissy hole and every means possible to make him cum. I want you to see his cock pumping between my tits and imagine it is pumping inside of your boy hole instead.

You’re ready to drench those sissy panties just thinking about that slimed up cock tip pushing against that worn out sissy hole. I can see your cage twitching your pathetic little fag. I’m nice. I’ll let him cum in your pretty sissy mouth if you beg like the worthless little fag you are. Beg for his cock. Tell him how worthless yours is by comparison. Oink like a piggy and stick out your tongue like a landing pad. You’re a pathetic little fag and you always will be. Your filthy little holes belong to all thick BBC’s and you will serve them just like you serve your BBC sissy trainer.

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