Online sissy training via Skype

Online sissy trainingFrank has been in Sissy girl training for a while.. He’s finally gained the courage to put his vibrating 8in toy in, full.. Ever since he’s become quite the anal addict!

He claims I enabled him to do so.. My soothing voice has instilled the words “Spread your legs sissy boy and swallow that dildo whole.” To the point he even wound up getting caught bussy pumping in the bathroom stall at work!

Somebody thought something was wrong when he was found howling in the stall… They barged in only to find him grinding on a rubber dick..

Everyone at work is now aware he is a cock craving faggot! Its even managed to reach the ears of his wife. She hasn’t let him be a man ever since.

She’s decided to wear the pants and I can totally understand why! Are you kidding? Who would respect a man after knowing they have been putting on your used panties and calling their pecker a clit.. Her and I have been working hand in hand, Femboy training..

This has to be one of the best Humiliation phone sex sessions I’ve ever done. We even do skype sessions.. I get to guide her through training and teach her how to be the best Mistress to her faggot husband.. Just last night I watched her smother him into the mattress while she stretched his hungry asshole.. Its so funny to watch him plead as she fucks him with no mercy.  

Its mandatory he dress in costume.. He must even wear a G string to work under his denims! 

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