Online Sissy Training Sessions

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training means you can get trained from home. You never have to leave the house. And if your family seems to always be around, we can train you during cyber sessions. You just must call for the billing part, but the bulk of the session can be done on your computer while your wife thinks you are doing some work in your office. I know for many of my sissy boys, getting a real time mistress or even a bull to worship is much harder to do. That is why I am on a sissy site. I have several real time clients, but the pandemic and life has made it even harder to see them too. I even do some sissy training with them online too. I do think all sissies need a toy for their ass. You can get butt plugs and dildos on Amazon now. Consider it. You can use a garden vegetable too. But it needs to be one that is sturdy like a carrot, cucumber or zucchini. Lube is another thing you should have on hand. I am not going to destroy your asshole, unless you want that or you really piss me off, LOL. You can use your wife’s Vaseline or body lotion too. Steal a pair of her panties. Dirty preferably. I want you wearing panties, because most sissies have clit sticks that just get lost in boxers or boxer briefs. Some string or rope to tie up your nuggets is always good too. Seriously, sometimes a little pain is just what a sissy boy needs. When I train a sissy, I work on making you look the part and act the part. I will do my best to listen to your specific needs because the only things most sissies have in common is that they are sexually submissive to a phone dominatrix like me. Let the sissy training begin.


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    What if I want to go to the adult bookstore?

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