Online Sissy Training is the Way to Go

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is my specialty. I have been in the domination world for twenty some years. I started out as a professional mistress in college. Men loved having a hot coed dominate them. And I loved doing it. I found out quickly, however, that sissies were a close cousin to BDSM boys. I enjoyed sissies. And when the laws for BDSM mistresses changed, I became a sissy trainer. I still have a few BDSM clients that have been with me a couple decades, but I am mostly a sissy trainer these days. It was a busy week too. I was slammed with longer callers. I picked up a few new sissy therapy callers. That is when men want to pick my brain about sissy training. I love just talking about the right clothes to wear. How to come out of the sissy closet. How to suck cock and where to get cock. I also teach sissies how to edge. Every sissy trainer does some jerk of instruction and cum eating instruction too. Little dicks tend to be quick cummers. I love talking to a variety of sissies too. I love to hear your experiences, what you crave and where you see yourself. We set a sissy plan and we make it happen. I have so many sissies, but I can never have enough. Let me be your sissy trainer. I will teach you how to dress the part. I will teach you how to look the part. And I will tell you how to act the part with cock sucking training. Cannot get the real thing? That is okay. I can still train you how to suck on a dildo or a beer bottle. I am the best sissy trainer for all kinds of sissies, but I will let you know, I am a nurturer and a sweet mommy. I can be mean and demanding, but I love to help a sissy grow with love and patience and training.

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