Online Sissy Training For Sissy Sluts

Online Sissy Training

Online sissy training done right produces top notch sluts for my own personal usage. Nothing makes me wetter than being able to take a little femboy bitch and turn him into a perfect princess fit for serving this Queen. I’m the filthiest Royal whore you’ll ever encounter. My castle is full of little sissy girls just like you, sweetheart.  Come on now, let’s get you dressed. Put on your pretty panties, that’s right, and your little stockings! A pretty lacy bra for my good girl, that’s right.

Here now baby. Let’s put on your slip, and then your beautiful princess gown. So pink and lacy. Here’s your wig, yes your favorite. You look so beautiful already honey, but now I’m going to do your face. A princess always wears her best make up. You need foundation, and blush, some highlighter, eye shadow, concealer, mascara, and eyeliner. Oh let’s not forget your beautiful lipstick! You must always have a perfect pout, or be ready to suck some fat Alpha cock. That’s the second part of your training, baby. Now that you’re all dressed, I need to teach you how to be my darling little cum dumpster.

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