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Online sissy trainingFuck me harder are the only words I want to hear coming out of your mouth. I got you a new prostate massage device to keep you on your toes. I know keeping you locked away in chastity for days on end must be so uncomfortable and since you have been on your best behavior; I think you are deserving of satisfaction during Online sissy training and on your own. A sissy should never be left deprived! I like it better knowing that my sissy is helplessly having orgasms in his sleep.

The overwhelming wet dreams topped with the sensation of his new pulsing prostate massage device will keep him super horny. This means the Sissy Faggot Slut will have the urge to be dominated, hehe more money for me! That’s obviously because as all of you sissies do; he lives a double life. He would never be capable of setting these dates up on his own or even knowing what to do with their cocks if it weren’t for me, the feminized twink would be lost. I noticed the wannabe had his clit hidden in a cave so I had him slip out of his Sissy panties and taught him how to shave.

Most sissies think going bald certifies their faggotry but, straight men shave.

I wouldn’t want my Faggots misleading anyone, which is why I had him give himself a landing strip. His new black daddy enjoyed dragging his cock down the line of hair that led down to his gaping pucker, I know this for sure since I watched him be dominated live on Skype. 

There is no turning back for the Sir, Daddy of the year xD! It’s official the cocksucker has admitted to craving a prostate milking every time he gets horny. He is a certified BBC lover now and Sissy training has only just begun.

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