Online sissy training

online sissy training

I love that I don’t have to miss out on my training with my little sissy sluts because of everything going on in the world. I can easily still train my sexy sluts with online sissy training. I know it’s not really the same as dressing them and playing with them in person but keeping my sweet sissy whores safe is one of my main concerns. I can still demand that they do certain tasks for me, such as put on a pair of sexy slutty panties and stroke that hard little whore clittie for me. They know that Miss Remi knows best and if they want to be good sissy sluts from me, they will do as they are told! Good sissy whores get rewarded with lots of hard cocks to suck and loads of sweet, thick cream to lick up and swallow. I make sure my sissy whores stay on track with their training so that they become the ultimate slutty sissy bitch for me. I can’t wait to play with all of my sissy brats in training! 

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