No One Wants To See That

Humiliation phone sexRecently I received a dick pic that was of course unsolicited. And quite honestly I couldn’t think of a better way to respond then to publicly. So here goes.

Dear Little Dick,

Thank you for scarring my eyes with that sorry excuse for a cock. It honestly took me a minute to comprehend that you hadn’t just sent me a picture of a Vienna sausage in your hand. Your cock might be small but I assume your balls are big since you decided to send me a picture of it. What was I suppose to do? Get super wet and let my panties drop to the floor. No, no thank you. I want no part in handling that micro-cock. As far as the “Want some” you sent along with the picture…well no definitely not. What woman would “want some” of that. We don’t like cocks that come in sampler sizes, especially not a woman like me. I want a big dick and that is exactly what I get. Why? Because I have self-respect and I’m well aware of my attractiveness. But even if I looked like a trash bag I wouldn’t touch your pellet.

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