My Sissy Girl Loves Cocktober

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My little sissy girl loves online sissy training. She comes into my chat box, and sends me shopping links so I can pick out her new wardrobe. We’ll spend hours and hours on the phone just fantasizing about all the wild and sexy adventures we could have as Queen and Sissy handmaiden out in the wild of the American South. It’s Cocktober here in the States, so we dressed up in our finest lady clothes; sexy crotchless G-Strings, hers held her little clitty cage perfectly!

Sexy stockings and garter belts to bite into our thick fucking thighs. We were going to go play a game of guess who at the bar, so I made sure my humiliation phone sex addict was totally passable. Well, of course a sissy could never be as hot as me, but she got plenty of Cocktober participants eager to get her out of her panties, or even better (and as my Trainer Brain was hoping) sliding their throbby meat mallets down her delicate faggot throat. My favorite part of the trap is when they cut her out of her little sissy panties, and realize she’s only got one hole for them to shove their cocks in. Well, that never stops these True Blue American Boys, oh no. They get right up inside her little ass pussy while the Best Sissy Trainer (That’s me!) is filming it for her exposure. What a fucking holiday.

Humiliation Phone Sex

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    • Sissy J on October 20, 2021 at 12:43 pm
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    You are such a nasty Queen! Expose me!

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