My Perfect Wife

Forced Feminization



I love a forced feminization roleplay. I want you to dress up for me in your best corset and panties, garter, stocking and heels. Wear that red lipstick that I like and put your hair in curls. Have a stiff drink waiting for me when I get home. I want to walk through that door and take a sip of scotch while you go tend to dinner in the kitchen. That meal should’ve been plated and ready for me to dive into, but I’m in a good mood today so I’ll let you slide. You go back into the kitchen, your heels clicking on the floor. I take another sip of my drink and look at you standing at the stove. Your ass looks amazing in that thong and your corset is laced up expertly. I take off my pants and whip out my lady dick. Daddy wants some right now. I come up behind you while you’re at the sink and run my hands down the front of your thighs. I nuzzle your neck and give you light kisses as my strap-on pokes into you. Like the obedient bitch you are, you part your legs and bend over for me. I pull your thong to the side, spit on your asshole and insert myself into you. It’s been a long, hard day and I need to fuck my frustrations out. I don’t go slow, I don’t care about your gasps of pain…in fact, I like them. They make me fuck you harder. Your ass is all mine and I’m punishing it. I press you down deeper into the counter, lifting my leg to really get deep inside you, and dunk your head into the sudsy water. Your flailing turns me on and I pound that ass harder and faster, cumming when your movements start to slow down, right before you lose consciousness. I pull my dick out and as you’re sputtering I shove my cock into your mouth so you can clean all the shit and blood off of it like my good little whore. Once I’m clean, I leave you a heaping, wet mess on the floor, sit at the table and demand my dinner. You are the perfect housewife.  

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