My perfect naughty sissy pooh

Best sissy trainer

I would love to have fun right now! I want to dress up my sissy, make him feel beautiful..drape him and diamonds and pearls! ???????????????? He looks so perfect! He loves when I apply Ruby red lipstick onto his lips; he always knows that means it’s gonna be time to suck some dick. (Mm a big black cock) it doesn’t matter who we find as long as it’s massive and big enough to share. I truly enjoy my sissies company. He always follows all of my commands. He makes me feel like the alpha female that I am. When he gets in tonight we are going to have so much fun! I’m gonna dress him up in a sissy maid outfit and control his every move. As soon as he walks in the door the first thing he does is drop down to his knees and kiss my feet. As of right now my toes are painted a cherry red that’s his favorite color. I think we’re both due for a refill. I can’t wait to see what color he chooses next! I want him to get fuchsia pink nails with tons of gems. Oh my god he’s going to look so fabulous. ????‍♀️ I can’t wait to see what color he chooses for me. We seem to know exactly how to feed each other’s ego! After Our Mani and Pedi I’m going to invite a bunch of big black cocks over so we can show off our new nails. ???? I want to see his hands wrapped around that big fat cock as the gems on his nails glisten from all the spit he’s going to apply! ???????? all his drool is going to make it easy for that big black cock to insert deep inside his deep asshole. ????‍♀️????

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