Missy gets Sissy maid training

Sissy maid trainingSissy maid Training was due for a bottom-feeder bitch like Missy. She came to be with a holier than thou attitude, and that just wouldn’t do! First I had Missy strip off all of her masculine clothes. No fucking pants, boxers needed ever again! Naked now, I needed to see the body type I was dealing with. Missy came in at about 5ft11 with a slim frame. Not much ass but we could work with this. Next on the agenda was to have Missy shave off all of that nasty course body hair. Nothing above the dick nothing on the balls and of course I have to get right between those ass cheeks and shave that ass hair off. Although I did enjoy sitting on her lap with her little kitty between me and my pussy while I straight-blade shaved her face. That sissy clit would need to be tucked away in a cage as I put some sexy makeup on my new little whore. But this is what Missy loves, being forced to be the feminine creature that she truly is. Sometimes when men come to me and denial of who they are they have a bit of a cranky attitude. That’s nothing I can’t deal with. Next when a sexy little maid outfit complete with the Lacey bra soft panties and thigh highs. Next would be cleaning assignments. Perfectly dusted shelves in my library would be a great task to start out with. Everything must be done while wearing 6-inch stilettos as well. But did my sissy whore understand her assignment? No, she half assed it so I had to whole-ass her on the end of my strap-on.

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