Little Sissy Sally

Sissy Slave Training

Little Sissy Sally is the faggot I’ve always wanted! I love intense sissy training sessions where I really get to instill those feminine values. You want to have that little sissy hole gaped open my a massive BBC don’t you? But before any of those massive bull cocks will even dream of touching you, you need to be able to have a princess tea party with Queen Presley and learn how to be a lady. We’re slutty, sultry beings. You’re going to be used for the pleasures of men while I instruct you on exactly how to do your make-up, your hair, and take that throbbing cock inside your little fuck hole. Don’t disappoint me, darling. I know it hurts a bit when your tiny chute is stretching around something tree trunk thick, and chocolate in hue, but don’t you think a little pain to get fucked by the incredible cock of an Alpha Breeding bull is worth it? He’s going to shoot a fat load of steamy cum right inside of you, and if you’re lucky your belly is going to get round and your titties will swell. I’m really fucking into sissy bitch impregnation. Bend over, and spread them wide. We’re putting impregnation cummy juice inside.

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’m going to hold you down even if you scream and force my owns trap on inside of you while you get bred. Spit roasting you like a little fucking sissy whore is what I’m interested in, and every twitch of that sissy pussy wrapped tightly around the huge N cock is going to make him squirt a little harder to get all the sperm drained from his balls and up into the slutty breeding uterus I gave you. It happened when I first gave you your period, and now, you’re getting bred

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    I want you to help me order a skirt like that!

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