Listen To The Sound Of My Voice

Best Sissy Trainer
Listen to the sound of my voice you sweet slut. I will own your sissy self completely and totally. You are a sissy whore. You resent your tiny, pathetic cock. You resent the hair on your chest. You resent the sway of your balls. You resent not being anything a man should be. And yet, I’m going to help you embrace yourself.

I’m going to force you into not only a sissy slutdom, but also the life of a transgender Queen. All of my sissy whores are forced to take hormone replacement therapy. That HRT is going to plump up the tits of my cum cows, and turn them into profitable little cunts. As for that cock, or shall we say penis because it isn’t glorious enough to be a cock, you’re at a loss. It goes in a tiny pink cage, and only gets played with when I say so.

Your own need to cum will be overcome by your unEarthly desire to please me and be my perfect little play dolly. Now tell me baby, how does that sound? Kneel down and submit to your Queen. Licky licky at my boots while you’re down there. Show me what you’re worth.
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