Let Me Show You Sissies How It’s Done

Femboy training

I am disappointed in all of you. Man after man have come here to run through all of my students and you still don’t know how to please a cock correctly. Come watch me and I will show you what a real sissy whore will do. Before I do so, however, I’m going to put you all in chastity. I don’t want you all to get distracted rubbing your clits while I am teaching you valuable skills. When you get down on all fours, look back at him while he’s fucking you. Even though you are a disposable cum rag, some guys like to see the cum rag’s fuck faces. Squeeze his cock when he is completely inside of you, so that he never wants to slide it out. Do your exercises so that you can hold onto that cock for as long as you can. Unless they ask for your gaping hole, no one wants a loose pussy. I see you’re all hard in chastity right now. You had better not touch your clits until I’m done getting fucked!  

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