Kayla’s New Butt Plug

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I must update you on Kayla. She is doing marvelous, a certain slutty hunger inside her is coming out. She truly can’t get enough. Her butt plug has become too small so during her lunch we went and got another one. A bigger, thicker one. One that would fill her man pussy up nicely. We went into the bathroom and as she bent over and pulled down her sissy panties, I removed the old one and rammed this new one in. She gasp in delight at how wonderful it felt. She modeled it for me, bending over and spreading her ass cheeks wide, showing me that pretty jewel. I was so proud and enjoying the show, but she had to get back to work. We pulled her pretty panties up and marveled at the way it made her ass stick up. I watched as she walked down the hall, thoroughly enjoying the way it made her feel. I imagine there was plenty of leaking on those panties as she entered her room. Then my sweet sissy Kayla turned on the zoom meeting and began teaching those little cuties on the other side of the computer. I know you want to be just like Kayla, so pick up the phone, give me a call and I will take good care of you.

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