Kayla’s Big Adventures

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Let me tell you about Kayla. She is new to the game and I can hear the excitement in her voice as I train her. We recently went on a little shopping trip and she picked out all kinds of adorable girly clothing. Some pretty lace panties and sexy dresses. She even got a bright pink butt plug. Then she went home and tried everything on and like a good sissy sent me pictures of her wearing them. The way her man pussy takes that butt plug is amazing. So deep and she was so proud. And the picture of her in black lace panties made her little clitty look adorable. Then we talk and she fucks herself with her dildos. I love listening to her moan as she makes little cummies. The thought of a warm thick big cock in her throat and in her man pussy excites her so much I suspect she is going to be a cum slut and a cock whore. I love when she calls and tells me how she is wearing panties and a bra and her butt plug under her work clothes. It is so hot. I can’t wait to see what we have in store for her next.

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