In Need of Sissy Girl Training

sissy girl trainingSome men need sissy girl training more than others. I think I found the biggest loser this weekend. I met him in an adult bookshop. I knew he wanted to go into the glory hole room, but he was too much of a pussy. He was trying to be nonchalant, but I knew he wanted to suck some cock. He didn’t look like he had much experience. I decided he needed a mistress. He was not going to ever be cock sucking faggot hesitating. I went up to him and told him that I knew he wanted to be a cum guzzling, cock sucking faggot. He was in shock. No one had ever said that to him. I told him I was sure anyone who knew him longer than a minute would know. I mean he was transparent. My guess was just no one in his life had called him out on it before. Women know. Some may not want to admit it to themselves that their husband or lover is a sword swallower or a butt pirate, but they know. I don’t turn a blind eye to a sissy or a faggot in need of cock. The world needs more cocksuckers. I led him to the glory hole room and blackmailed him into sucking dick. He just needed that push to do it. You can think about cock all day long, but how can you be a cock sucking sissy if you only think about doing it? You just need a phone dominatrix like me to take you from fantasy to reality.

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