I’ll Be Your Mistress

mistress phone sex

I love it when I get calls for mistress phone sex. There are some men out there who just aren’t getting what they need from their wives and I am always more than happy to provide it for them. Are you one of those men? I’m sorry. She really should be fucking you more often. Do you even remember the last time she let you touch her? You probably don’t. But she still expects you to provide for all of her needs and everything she wants. That’s not fair. So why don’t you come to me and let me take care of you?
I’ll never tell you no when you’re in the mood to fuck. I love the fact that you want me and I’m so grateful for it. It makes me happy to be able to take care of a big, strong man like you. You have needs and I know how to take care of those. And there’s something so sexy about sneaking around behind her back. You will be so much happier and she’ll think that you’ve finally accepted that she’s just never in the mood. But the reality is that you found someone to take care of you better than she ever could. Are you ready to be with me now?

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