I Must Punish You

Mistress Phone SexI hear you have been a bad little sissy. Playing with your little clitty without permission? And riding your big fat dildo with your man pussy? I am so disappointed in you. We have talked about this and I have given you a few chances, but you continue to disobey. Now you know what happens don’t you. You must be punished. So, put on your sissy panties and grab your paddle. I want you to rub that little clitty until that small thing is as big as it can get. Now you take that paddle and swat it. Like that. I know it hurts but you cannot play with things that don’t belong to you. You know that clitty is mine. Now swat it again. Harder. And Again. Are those tears running down your face? Now swat it five more times and hard. Ouch that looks like it hurts. Incredibly good. You can stop now. Let me see it. Oh, look how red and swollen it is. Now since you like it so much you keep rubbing it, don’t stop until I tell you. Are you still crying? Look at that pre-cum leaking out onto your raw clitty. Bet that stings don’t it? Now you keep stroking that clitty until you have cum twice. I will know if you lie. Then pull up those sissy panties and rub your warm goo all over that raw clitty of yours and sit in those panties the rest of the day. Maybe next time you think about playing with yourself you will remember this. Next time I will do the swatting.

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