I made that little bitch squirm

sissy phone sexLittle sissy bitches need lots of humiliation to really learn their place don’t you think? Even if they say they don’t like it they clearly do, their little clitties always get hard when I degrade them no matter how hard they cry. Well one of my little sissies tried to say that he never wanted to be humiliated, he said that this was a private thing can you believe that nonsense? So I forced him to dress up like a whore and  took him to the pool at a fancy country club and made him parade around in a bikini for everyone to see. He claimed that he hated all the people staring at him but his lil clit was poking out of his bikini bottom so that was a lie. I made him go to the private pool since he lied to me and back there I had all kinds of studs there to use him like that whore he was. I made sissy fluff them all up and even bent him over so they could fuck his lil pussy too, he claimed to hate it but I know better.

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