I Love Humiliating You

mistress phone sex

Look at you reading my blogs and thinking about being trained by me. The thought of pretty nylon panties being laid out for you and a pretty shiny butt plug makes your little clitty perk up, doesn’t it? You want it but you are still leery. Don’t fret, I know you are a sissy faggot in need. Come to me, I have big plans for you. I hand you some pink panties to put on and I can see the little wet spot in your panties that you love how they feel against you. I smack your ass and tell you not to get too comfortable. This is for me, not you. You belong to me. I tell you to bend over and spread your legs. I pull your panties down and pull out your new jewel butt plug. I put it to your face and tell you to open your mouth. Now suck on it baby. We want it good and lubed before I shove it inside your tight pussy hole. You leak even more as your tongue swirls round and round. I pull it out and push it against your tight asshole. You start to moan as I push it slowly inside of you.

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