I Love Humiliating Sissies In Front of Everyone

Sissy Humiliation Training


Your pathetic sissy ass is mine to humiliate. You have been sending me so many pictures during these last few months of you wearing girly clothes, putting on makeup and posing in your little girly poses. Now it is time to expose your feminine and girly side to the entire world. I created a website just for you and your sissy pictures, videos and message conversations. Now everyone will know how much of a sissy bitch that you are, how much you love wearing short skirts and begging men to pound your tight little ass and cum inside you. They’ll know everything about your cock addiction and how much you need each day to live your life each day. I love humiliating you in front of all your friends and family and showing them how much of a sissy fag you are. I want them to post their reactions to your sissy ass, how much they laughed at you and what they feel about you, embarrassing you more.

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