I blackmailed him

sissy phone sexThis little sissy slut was coming to me for training but for whatever reason he was very resistant. He even threw away all of his girlie clothes and panties and all that, can you believe that nonsense?? Well I was tired of his bad behavior so I went to his house and made him dress up with all the clothes I brought with me. Then I took a whole bunch of pictures and told him that if he eve disobeyed me again that I would publish them all and make sure that everyone he knew saw them. Oh boy he was definitely ready to obey me then! He was freaking out and crying and begging me to keep the pictures a secret, it was hysterical! I just laughed at him and told him that I would do whatever I felt like doing so he better keep me happy or else. Well, he handed me a wad of cash, took me shopping and promised that he would keep me happy so for now I will keep those pics to myself. I wonder how long he will last before he pisses me off…

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