How dare you disrespect me?

Forced sissy trainingThese fat ass cheeks engulf your face as I force you to clean my round juicy ass. Your face is my thrown and you are my little fuck toy. You are not worthy of me! I am a goddess. Not worthy of my pretty pink pussy or this fat ass that claps, as I bounce on you depriving you of oxygen, but I’ll let you get a taste. You better fucking clean me well. You know what happens when you step out of line and your goddess is unhappy. Don’t make me punish you, or do! You know that’s my favorite.

I paddle your little round ass, making it cherry red. The fact that you are blind folded and cannot prepare for the blows I throw makes it that much more exciting. I smack you little bitty pecker. I mean it’s so tiny what do you want me to do with that? “Thank you, goddess, may I have some more?” You whine as the sting of my hand falls heavy across your face. You are nothing but a dirty slut. One that I will use and abuse at my leisure.

I force my heel in your mouth. Causing you to suck and lick it like the filthy pig you are. You’re my little piggy pet, but you better not squeal. This punishment is just the price you have to pay to play with this beautiful strict goddess. “Did I tell you to speak sissy pet?! How dare you disrespect me? I guess you forgot your place! Well Sissy training is officially in session!  Good thing I brought this alpha cock to shove deep in your face! Suck that cock fem boy! That’s all you are good for! Milk him just right and gobble up every drop of his seed. maybe a little bit of alpha dna in you is just what you need!”


    • Valrey on July 15, 2022 at 1:12 pm
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    I would gladly oink for you, miss. I am not worthy.

    • Piker on July 15, 2022 at 6:15 pm
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    I will bow down for you mistress

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