He learned to love it

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I hate when a sissy tries to tell me what he does or doesn’t like, sissies very often don’t know what the fuck they actually want. They all say they don’t like cocks, they just want to dress like a girl they don’t wanna be one but they are so full of shit. I had a sissy just last night try to tell me that he didn’t like black cocks can you believe that shit? His clit was hard and he was staring at my lover’s cock practically drooling but he didn’t like it? Come the fuck on! I forced that little faggot bitch boy to suck that huge black cock and do you know what happened? He squirted in his panties that’s what happened. That little sissy boy can claim to hate black cocks all he wants but I will never believe him. And I will be forcing him to take on as many big black cocks as possible too.

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