Get in post its drill time

BBC sissy trainer

You are such a sissy and you know it. My favorite sissy though, you aren’t into big fat BBC like the usual sissy. You enjoy me stroking you and humiliating you. You follow all of my commands and you never disobey. You address me as your master, you stroke my ego and allow me to perform in my natural habitat. I am an alpha female. You don’t wish to be me. You just wish to get fucked by me. You love when I penetrate your ass with my strap-on and the way you look back at me while I am doing it…really softens me. I enjoy all the time you spend with me. When you plead and beg for mercy but I just continue to use your anus as my pocket pussy. I love dressing you up in sexy lingerie and doing your makeup making you feel super sexy. You are such a naughty man! You enjoy eyelashes and lipsticks just as much as me. Now do that favorite thing of mine where you apply layers of red lipstick to your lips and leave red rings around my nipples. I want you to suck my clitorus and make my clit extend. You know my deepest darkest secret (my clitorus extends up to 5 inches.) You enjoy the fact that it appears I have a penis and a pussy when you stimulate me. I was actually thinking maybe we can try and see if you can ride it with your anus like a harley. Come enjoy your naughty sissy trainer who gets soaking wet when she penetrates you. It’s just something about you submitting!

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