Get Him Hard For Me Sissy

Mistress Phone SexHey there you sissy boy. Have I got a treat for you? So, put on your sissy panties with the hole in the bottom I laid out for you and meet me in my room. Don’t forget that pretty pink lip gloss. Oh honey, you look adorable. Now come over here and get this cock hard for Mistress Francis. I want to see those pretty pink lips wrapped around that big head. Don’t forget about his balls. They need attention to you know. That is right you little cock whore, make sure you leave pink rings around that big cock. Now that you have got him hard you can step away and watch me finish him off. I see you looking as I lick that cum with my tongue. Just look how it strings from the head to the bottom of my lips. Oh, my look at that little wet spot on your panties. This makes you so excited doesn’t it? But don’t you dare touch that little clitty of yours without my permission. Now baby go grab your suction dildo and put it on the floor. Yes, just like that. Now I am going to climb up on top of this warm, thick, long, hard cock and ride it while you fuck that dildo with your man pussy. Keep looking at me sissy, I love that cute little face you make when you cream your panties. Aww that didn’t take you long. Now come here and clean his cock for him and then I will let you suck his cum from my beautiful juicy pussy.

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