Fuck you Pay Me

Sissy phone sexSissy phone sex is what you like. So you want to be a sissy so bad? You already are! You aren’t a good one by any means, but I can shape and mold you into one. It all comes at the right price. What is it with you sissy sluts wanting straight men so bad? It’s pathetic. If you pay me well enough, I will show you the ropes and dress you up to look like a sissy princess. You will never be me, so get that out of your sick head. You can wish, pray and want so badly to be like Princess Brielle, but you will never amount to not even a mere spec of my reflection. I can make you an obedient sissy slut. I will surely tempt you. I will seduce your mind and take control of your body. I have a mean nasty streak so I might hook up with your straight man crush in front of you if you don’t keep my bank account happy. I will take you to the depth of places you only could dream. Ready to put some makeup on and some sexy stilettos and whore yourself out? Let’s get to it, sissy whore.I will enjoy forced sissy training on you.

forced sissy training


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