Forced sissy training under Mistress Genesis

Forced sissy training

I happen to put bitch boys into Forced sissy training. All the bitch boys say they want to be equal with women and all this liberal BS. But the truth of the matter is no bitch ever did right naturally. Forcing men into sissified positions is what will make them grow spiritually, emotionally and physically. Do you ever wonder why all these pathetic cry babies run around getting their “feelings hurt” so easily and why snowflakes can’t stand tall and hard. It’s because they swim around in shallow land of basic bitch porn and run to and from jizzing at lightning speed. They sit around on their fucking video games with limp cocks that don’t work anymore. Where are the explorers of their own sexuality. Where are the edge scientist who thrive under the pressure of my cunt grinding into their faces? These washed out sissy bitch boys are at the beginning of their journey into what they are really made of. How deep can you go?

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