Forced sissy training for bitch slave

Forced sissy training

It’s not every day I find a willing slave who completely listens to me for Forced sissy training. It’s scarce to find a female sub who submits well and knows how to eat cum. However, as I am the luckiest person I know, I was blessed to find such a female. She wasn’t submissive at first. She was aggressive, but I could see her insecurities as clear as day. She talked down to herself and was very hard on herself, just like the sissy bitch boys I met. So, as soon as we got a chance, we had some Humiliation phone sex, and I broke her down to the point where she knew her worth would only be found through being my complete submissive. And so that’s what we set out to do. She didn’t think she was bisexual when we first met, either. After showing her what a bitch she was, I put a collar on her and walked her around on all fours. She thought this was as hard as it would get, but then I inserted a buttplug in her ass and a gag in her mouth. She had expressed not wanting to be a pussy eater because she was “straight.” The lies people tell themselves never cease to amaze me. Once she was blindfolded, she was mine to do with as I pleased. I took zero mercy, holding her pretty face down and not releasing it until I was done. But she surprised me by turning my orgasm against me and continuing to ravage my cunt. When she released me, I beat her ass for going above and beyond my request.

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