Forced sissy training for a lil dick daddy with my friends!

Forced sissy trainingForced sissy training takes you down a few notches in Manhood! Daddy, I have had enough of you spying on me and my friends at our sleepovers. I know our tight young body sends you and that little dick over the moon. We just wish you were half the man our friend Sarah’s daddy is. Every time we spend the night over there he just gives us so much attention! We gladly swoon over him and his big house, SUV, and.. Cock. But you seem to be lacking. You just perv out and make us feel weird! But we all came up with a plan to make us feel better. 

Forced sissy training

Sarah’s daddy said to be gentle with you because white boys can be fragile about that masculinity. But We have decided we would like you to be sissy mommy tonight. Look at the sexy clothes we found for you to wear. There are nylons, panties, and lingerie galore for you. I just know you will be the sissy whore of the hour after our Forced feminization! 

Schoolgirl Sissy trainer

That’s right me and my girlfriends would rather make you into a sexy sissy mommy and teach you a lesson. Well, probably more than one lesson. Because Sarash’s daddy gave us a nice big black dildo. It looks just like his cock. We figured since you get so Jelly we should fuck you with it.

Forced Femme

Can you see me struggling with the buckles as my two friends keep dressing you up and talking about how small your dick is? We all wish you had something bigger for us to play with! But instead, you get to play with three sweet girls taking turns humiliating you and force fucking you in your ass!  

Daddy sissy training is so fun when we do it as a friend group. Oh no! Who’s at the door in the middle of the night? It must be Sarash big black daddy cum to say hi to you! 

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