Forced Sissy Training A Foolish Idiot

Foolish idiots will call any big titted whore they see online. They have no brains when it comes to the peewee between their legs. Sometimes a good Forced sissy training is needed for some of these weak willed mother fuckers.

I am a very dominant and strong woman. I don’t feel wrong or bad about what I made this young horny fucker do. I directed him to his mother’s closet and to get into her dirty clothes hamper. He had already confessed to smelling his whore mom’s filthy panties and it made him hard. He needed to tell some milf whore about it.

Well, he was a little disrespectful but also alot of fun in making him do what he secretly wanted to do. He pretended to not understand the whole sissy site bit. He was really wanting what I offered and got it.

Forced Sissy Training

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