Forced Feminization Sissy Anal Training

Forced Feminization

Bend over and spread your cheeks, it’s time for some sissy anal training forced feminization! I’ll even suck that big cock off and take the load on my tits so you can see how it’s supposed to be done! Face down, ass up baby girl! Real sissies know that Queen Presley is a different sort of Domme whore. You’re going to get that back door pussy stretched out inch by inch by a massive cock! I know plenty of Alpha Bull Breeders, so you can bet your entire panty collection I’ll be making you worship every single one of them!

Those big cocks are going to grab you by the hair, don’t worry we’ll glue that wig on, and they’re going to wreck your sissy hole. Your panty line will never sit the same because once you start taking it from the back, that ass is going to get fat! You should do everything you can to look like a slutty bimbo! Big fake tits and an ass you took the poundings for! Don’t you want to look sexy with that little clitty tucked in a cock cage for your new Daddy? He’s going to break that ass right in. Buckle up, buttercup. It’s time to be a slut!

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