Forced Feminization of my Own Brother

forced sissy training

My brothers an ass, a complete dick head! He is so masculine that the thought of Forced Feminization makes me giddy inside. I have been taunting him just by wearing my t-shirt and panties around the house. And when he says something about it, I ask if it’s me and my body, or the thought of panties that makes him have a hard dick!

 Of course he gets pissed off and more and more of my dirty panties go missing. I decided to solve that the other night though. I brought home a big bottle of Jack Daniels Honey and an ounce of some fire Weed. OG Kush! I know that makes me incurably horny and my brother couldn’t turn down a night of getting drunk and high with his hot sister! 


As he was feeling super good, I sat on his lap and slid my skirt up showing off my new Gucci panties, one of my sugar daddies had bought me. The way my brother fingered the trim and stitches of these panties and didn’t go for my cunt told me everything I needed to know! He was the kind of man who needed to be dressed up in pantyhose and stilettos more than anything else!

It would be up to me and my girlfriends to completely bring my brother into the world of sissy femboy training, and more!

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    • nancy on October 1, 2021 at 11:37 pm
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    I’m such a little sissy sucker for a dominatrix story about how much fun She Enjoys when some fake alpha male poser divulges his deeply hidden secret sissy desires to A Very Hot , All knowing Maneating Manipulative Superior. Then proves his ineptitude and practically begs for the opportunity to serve Her and degrade his inner sissy!
    It’s nancy nylons and your little bitch sissy begs You to grant her a call so she can admit out loud that it’s her idea to entertain You by allowing herself to be throat fucked mercilessly in front of You.

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