Femboy Training to Become the Best Sissy You Can Be

femboy trainingI love femboy training. I have a new sissy in my posse. Breanna needs a sexy mommy to feminize her and train her for Daddy’s cock. She likes to watch sissy hypnosis videos and think of taking cock. Breanna comes to me with no formal training, but a willingness to explore all the aspects of what it means to be a pretty sissy boi. I do love me a sissy, especially a willing one. I believe in sissy hypno videos. I think they help you realize you crave cock. All kinds of cocks too, even Daddy cock. I am a mommy sissy trainer. I have trained two sons. Now, there is no daddy in my world. I kicked him to the curb years ago, but I have many daddy friends who love to lend their cocks to the sissy training. I dress Breanna in some pretty pink sissy clothes and put on the sissy hypno videos and before long she is down on her pretty little knees sucking big daddy cock. I think my sissy girl Breanna likes to get high or intoxicated so her mind is more open to suggestion. I understand that. I do think men not accustomed to getting cock or even wanting cock need to do whatever it takes to let their minds go free. Let’s be honest for a moment. If you are on a sissy site, on some level either passively or actively, you want cock. Breanna understands her desire, she just needs that push to make it a reality. That is why she needs a sissy mom and sissy hypno training videos. Between my nurturing yet firm guidance and those sissy hypno videos, Breanna will be my real time cock sucking sissy in no time.  All sissies need some instruction and guidance to both look and act the part. That is why mommy is here for her sissy bois.

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