Femboy training panties, bras, stockings, never a nice word.

Femboy training          Femboy training panties, bras, stockings, never a nice word. Proper learning comes from discipline. Not a whiny little fucking bitch. You want a mommy then go suck on your mommy’s tit. Doesn’t make you any less a sissy little bitch boy then wants to shemale.

First you will be taught to stand straight. Shoulders back. Next, we will be giving you lessons in proper attire. Need to have lots of panties. All colors. Red to show what a bitch you are going to be. A bitch for all cocks. The kinds will be thong, string, crotch-less, among many others. You will be watching the crotch-less ones for when they just cannot wait, bending you over and fucking you hard. At the same time, you will be begging them to fuck you just a little bit more and to treat you like the sissy bitch whore that you are.

Femboy training panties, bras, stockings, never a nice word.

Second will be going over the dresses, slutty clothes, bras, stockings, and heels. Need some hooker heels. Now, heels are great for lifting the ass up. Making it appear tighter. Harder. The bras will of course need to be padded. After all those tiny little things can barely be called tits let alone nipples. Lace, underwire, and three-quarter cut.

Third is the dresses, skirts, blouses, among other items. Going to show you in short dresses just past your fucking ass so when you bend over it will show your fucking pussy asshole with the crotch-less panties on. Blouses gapped open. Show your assets. Fishnet stockings. Ass lifting heels. You are good to go.

In summary, your training is only at the beginning, but we will get you there. One way or another. So, suck it up. Put on your Sissy panties. Get to it.

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