Femboy Training Mistress Diana

Nothing makes me excited like Femboy Training a little prick for their first cock sucking session. Putting on a strap-on and fucking that little princess mouth is so damned hot. I start prepping the little cuckold with plenty of make-up and princess pink lipstick. The princess pink goes on last and is the final preparation for their first big cock. I will feed my big strap-on dick in their mouth until they gag and their sissy slut lipstick is all over that big black cock. It’s exciting for them and for me. The moment I feel they are ready for the real thing will constitute in a lovely little outing with my Femboy. My sissy will be dressed as the cock slut sissy faggot she aspired to be and taken into public her first time. She has never gone past mommy’s bedroom dressed up and it always makes them nervous and excited. I give them a little ice to smoke and help them relax and take that big step. We get in my car and I get to drive them to a private glory hole that some of my other guys have put together. I have a nice following of all kinds of men and the biker gang love initiating guys getting them sucked off by one of my sissy faggots. They never know who is sucking them off and that’s the best part.

Femboy training

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