Femboy training is what you try to disobey from getting

Are you ready for some Femboy training you little sissy bitch. What mistress Gypsy hates most is a sissy that doesn’t listen. You will get punished. I will make you wear a slut outfit and paint you up like a dirty whore. I will make you lick a hairy sweaty asshole since you didn’t call me when I told you to. I don’t care if you hate it, you will take it and do as I want. You are a worthless whore so I will make sure to show by emptying my bladder all over and pissing on you like a filthy bitch. If you want the big black cock you need, you will obey me and do as I say. Now it is time for you to get on your knees and tell me how worthless you are and to train you like you need.

Femboy training

If you are finally ready, I will bring my favorite bull into the room. I want to humiliate you and show what a whore you are. You will be begging to be used and abused by his cock. I will film it and if you decide to disobey again, I will send it to everyone you know. While filming I grab your head and shove it down on his BBC. You lucky paying bitch I will have you swallowing lots of big dick since I work with a good BBC sissy trainer, and you will be eating lots of semen. That will teach you to always follow your instructions.

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