Femboy training is a fantasy come true!

Femboy trainingI have a big stable of femboy training sissies to play with all night and day. They follow the best training methods and are always willing to get on a nice hard cock and get riding for my pleasure at the nearest provocation. I barely even have to look at them while a nice rich thick cock is on display for them to get what needs to happen. I’ve trained them in the most amazing, hardcore, ass-bursting ways and when they need me it’s because they’re dry and out of lube, not because they need extra training. That’s the beauty of a stable, it’s self-sustaining, self-working, self fucking. I only need to get involved to whip out a powerful pegging dildo and get wrecking. There’s times when sissies get a little uppity. Forced feminization fun fuckfests are my favorite times, times when I get to go all out and treat them to a real reservoir of emotions instability and desire to take it out on a weak asshole ready to tear and become mine. I’m aggressive, infinitely endearing, and more than willing to get fucking hard enough to destroy any resistance and bring about a reckoning of sissy obedience. I’m always ferocious and furious and ready to wreck. 

The most important part about a ready stable is the restock. I spend a good portion of my nights going out of my way to try and stuff as many wimpy pussy sissy boys in my stock as possible. I turn normal men into toys, I turn weak men into fuckholes, and I turn fuckholes into obedient slaves that never wear, tire, or get weary. I love fucking the absolutely straightness out of a weak ass that really needs its play to reach its pitiful limits. It’s forced sissy training at its finest.

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