Femboy Training in the Morning

femboy training

One of my sissy supremes called today for more femboy training. I love my sissies, but Margo is a sissy supreme. She is the sissy standard that I hold all my other sissies to. She likes to do marathon training. She also likes to make her sissy mom money. That is just one of my favorite things about Margo. She dresses frilly, does some candy and bends over for all the cock that has gathered around to fuck her sissy hole. I am a benevolent sissy trainer too. I am sticking some money away so Margo can get big bimbo boobs. You can be a great cock sucker. You can dress like a pretty sissy. You can act like a pretty sissy too. But without some boobs, and a wig, and makeup tutorials, you are just a dude getting fucked by another dude. Margo is pretty because I have helped her with her sissy training. She looks and acts the part of a sissy slut. Soon she will have the boobs to complete the look. This morning, she wanted an early session before anyone else was awake. I was off today but made some arrangements to accommodate my sissy supreme. I called all my sissy loving bulls. Big black bulls, some hung white married men and some sexy shemales. No one had less than a 9-inch dick. I knew Margo was up for the challenge. If anyone could service all those hung studs, it was her. One after another they drilled her tight sissy hole. No one cared about getting sloppy seconds either. For some sissy shaming, I had her walk across the barn with her skirt up and cum oozing out her hole. It was leaving a trail behind her. I decided that was a waste of precious seed, so I captured it in a mason jar for Margo to drink. One of the reasons I am the best sissy trainer for femboy faggots is that I know that guzzling cum helps your body get feminized.

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    • Wilson on December 3, 2021 at 12:32 pm
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    I wish I could be a sissy supreme madam

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