Femboy Training Begins Now!

Femboy Training

It has become very clear that I need to teach you sissy white boys how to behave in the presence of a Supreme Cocoa Queen! Luckily, I am the best at cracker femboy training. Let’s start by getting you out of those clothes and into something more slutty. My sissy toys need to be dolled up in fuck me fits. I’m going to keep you in skirts and lingerie so that when I have you facedown begging for my veiny black strap I can pull on your lacey frills as I thrust deep inside of you. I’ll use your skirt as reigns to pull you back as I ride you like a pretty pony. You’re so good at taking a thick uncut carrot! I see that you’re not wearing make-up though. Tisk tisk. The only way to make my chocolate pussy drip syrup is to smear on some sexy purple lipstick for when I’m watching you slobber down the shaft of my dick. If you suck me good enough I’ll let you drink the juice that squirts out my fruit box. Your training isn’t going to be all sex and giggles though, peckerwood! You are going to be in chastity a majority of the time because I don’t you to even think of touching that pathetic little clitty! Any backtalk is going to get that bare bottom spanked with a thick wooden paddle. You better hope I don’t squash those baby berries in your sissy panties! When I’m done with you, you’re gonna know exactly how I expect my lily-white fuck meat to worship a superior black goddess.

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    • Xiao on June 19, 2022 at 12:00 pm
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    Heaven and hot hell all rolled into one.

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