Dominate Me

Domination Phone Sex Sky

Let’s twist it up and have you dominate me with your other cocks shall we? You keep telling me how much you worship this body, so show me! Take those cocks and fuck each of my wholes like the dirty whore I train you to be. Show it down my throat and feel how I swallow as deep as he squeezes and sucks on my big beautiful tits. Mmmm let your friend eat my fucking ass while making you fuck my pussy. Shit I want you all to tell me how you deserve to be fucked, yes grab my fucking hair-God I love how you gag me with that cock. Fuck he’s pounding my pussy while his friend is stuffing my ass- oh fuck you are about to make me cum. So aggressive treating me like a filthy little fucktoy- mmm I could just feel your cocks pulsing ready to cum! You all pull out telling me to get on my fucking knee’s  and open wide ready to swallow the shower of that hot, thick, creamy cum from all three of your cocks. Feeling it cover me from each direction spreading it all over my skin, swallowing every bit I can makes me want to let you dominate me every moment you get babe! You and your friends can fuck me as long as you promise to fill my cunt with cum at least once!


    • Pat on July 29, 2022 at 11:42 pm
    • Reply

    finally i get my revenge on your holes!

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