Do You Need Sissy Training?

sissy trainingDo you need sissy training? I love sissies. I joke that my home is Sissies R US. I have all the clothes. I have all the toys. I prefer sensual training, but I can be a bad ass bitch when I need to and sometimes when I just want to. I was a professional dominatrix for almost 20 years. Sometimes a guy gets some training when he is not even looking for it. Last night, I had a date. They guy was great on paper. He has a great job. He drives a nice car. He owns his own home plus a beach vacation home. He was not the typical broke ass loser. We had a great date. I was going to fuck him. I love casual sex. Nope. Did not happen. I should have known with the flashy clothes and the expensive sports car he was overcompensating for something. Turns out all the flashy bravado was because of a small dick. He had a micro penis. One of the smallest dicks I have ever seem. I went into mistress phone sex mode. I started spewing small dick humiliation jokes and slams. Seriously, the Ken doll I played with as a schoolgirl had a bigger package. And he thought he could fuck me with that? I am not like most women. I need more than a man with a big wallet. I want the big cock too. I went into my bedroom and got a pair of my pink panties and tossed them to him. He looked perplexed. I told him he was too small for his boxer shorts. He should protect his tiny family jewels. He was still perplexed. He was like we are going to fuck. I slapped his little balls and kicked him to the curb. No way, I told him. I am a sexy bitch who deserves something I can feel. He could get the fuck out or he could stay for femboy training, but I was not fucking a small dick poser. He stayed. Curiosity got the best of him. Now he is my pretty little slave. I am training him to suck cock tonight.

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    • KV on May 21, 2022 at 2:46 pm
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    A micro penis sounds like a man clit to me.

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