Controlled Sissy Training

Sissy Training

I love taking your mental control away from you. My Ultimate goal during our sissy training is to have you as feminized as I can. A pretty in pink sissy is the ultimate beta bitch. And that’s what you are. I will be in your head when you get a clitty hard on. Begging for permission to cum is just the beginning. Soon you will be asking if you can shave and clean your marble testicles. Some men even ask if they are allowed to pee before they call me. That answer is always no. Pee with me on the phone, bringing me into your life in the most intimate ways. When your wife or girlfriend wants you to eat her pussy, you will be sneaking away to chat with me or email me for permission. And Miss Zoey Loves that you are giving up control to me. I have cock control and you don’t even have the proper “Cock”. Even if you’re a secret sissy girl who needs advice about clothes, anal toys, clitty masturbations and cock infatuations. Forced feminization, teasing and denial and pay piggies make My pussy happy. I also indulge in CBT, and ruined orgasms and always chastity for sissy girls! The choice is yours!forced feminization

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