Come Here Sissy

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Come here sissy and let Mistress Francis take good care of you. I don’t have to tell you that you are a sissy, but I must train you on how to become the best most obedient sissy there is. Now let me get a look at what we have to work with. Hmmmm……. Here let me hand you these pretty pink nylon panties complete with a hole where your man pussy is. Now turn around. Those look lovely. Bend over. Look at your man pussy. I like how inviting it is. Come here and let me ram this big thick dildo inside. Aww look at that smile on your face and little wet spot on the front of your panties. Now, fuck your self with it. Look at me as you fuck that dildo baby. I want to see your little sissy face as you bounce on that big beast. You sure can take it deep sissy, bet you wished it were the real thing, don’t you? Well sissy for now your man pussy is mine and mine only to do with as I please. Now you keep on hopping up and down until I decide you are through. I think you are going to be fun to train love.

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