Cat Woman vs Robin

Sissy phone sex

Halloween…such a great day…people get to dress up and pretend to be some one else.

I know some of you little sissies have to do that every day….

I bet it really gets your little sissy panties in a wad when some guy makes fun and acts like a sissy…like any guy can do it…

But we know the truth, right girls?

I got your back!

So I go to this Halloween party dressed as Cat woman, strong, sensual and in control!

I saw this little prissy ass dressed as Robin, pretending to be a sissy.

And you know that prissy little fagot was all over the ladies!

Now if it’s one thing I can not stand, it’s a poser!

All my real sissies put in the time and the work and these Robin posers deserve to be bullwhipped!

Sissy training






I saw that little bitch across the room,

I reached for my whip… and with one




I removed Robins tiny microscopic vessel and dangled it, dripping with blood, in front of the real players!

“You poor boys, always confusing your pistols with your privates!”

Then we had a tiny little sissy parade as we all walked by Batman’s wanna be, flipping our skirts, showing our pretty testies held snug with ribbons and lace, rubbing them in his tear soaked face!

That’s right little boy!

My girls are the real queens!

I train them to be ladies but sometimes even a lady has to step on a ball or two with those sweet sassy stilettos!


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