Bitch Bent Over For Mistress!

Forced sissy training Dale is my favorite little fag boy bitch. He has just gotten used to me pegging his pretty little girly butt hole and we now call it a boy pussy. He dresses up for me exactly how I demand and has been such a good bitch. We prefer taking out our anger and frustrations on Dale’s boy pussy because he craves the abuse. So me and my bulls will occasionally have a session where we just fuck the shit out of dale and watch him scream like a bitch in heat. 

What makes this set up even better is the fact that Dale is a married man and his wife has no idea he gets his holes fucked by my strap-on or real cock. We make sure to video tape and take pictures every single time we have a session. He gets off on the blackmail and if he ever disobeys he knows we will contact his wife anonymously. I am sure he would be very embarrassed if he knew his wife saw his fag boy ass bent over taking cock or a dildo.

Dale knows she would be ashamed of how much of a pathetic craving sissy whore he is and she would leave him. We already told him that he is crazy if he thinks she isn’t already cheating on his dumb ass. She is absolutely out there getting real cock from real men. He knows how much of a bitch he is; he doesn’t deserve any pussy. He deserves to be fucked full of cum. Once in a blue moon I will let him service me and lick/eat out any loads that are pumped into my fuck hole. 

I bet your tiny cock is hard now bitch. You are just craving to be in Dale’s position aren’t you? Call me and let me tell you how much of a bitch you are while I make the little dicky of yours spurt out cum!

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