Best sissy trainer punishment tools have BBC and are ready

Best sissy trainerI’m like the Best sissy trainer, but you sissy boys were giving me a hard time so I called someone to teach you a lesson, but it wasn’t what you expected. You figured some small dicked guy would come and fuck your face, maybe give your ass a try, but I didn’t do that. I called a tranny to show you up. That’s right, a bitch who can suck dick better than you and fuck you until you’re a crying mess. I decided to utterly emasculate you by getting a woman who can do everything you do but better. She’s prettier, hotter, tougher, and has a bigger dick. She’s here to wreck you and teach you all about Forced feminization. When she’s done with your sorry, weepy ass pussies, I expect you’ll be a lot more compliant and obedient. She’s your punishment, and you’re her reward, so don’t think she’s going to go easy on you just because you cry or whine a little too much. She’ll just get rougher. She enjoys shit like that, she relishes in taking power from you and using that power to stretch out your asshole until it’s glaringly obvious you’ve been pounded within an inch of your life. A ten inch masterclass rod of might is here to show you what’s up and if you somehow manage to come out of this a stubborn bitch, she’ll be back next time ready to partake in the glorious prize I’ve afforded her, your Forced sissy training. So let’s get you dressed up all pretty and ready to have it torn off you and ruined. You’re paying for it, of course. Paying her too, enjoy your expenditure because it’s coming at you hot, ready, and harder than a stone monolith to all that we’re tearing down one dicking at a time.

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